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Because of limited weight on the floatplane, your bag MUST be 20 lbs or less. Your photography gear is separate to this but please keep the weight of your photography gear down as much as possible - Ocean Pacific Air will weigh your bag and photography gear at check-in. You are welcome to store any excess luggage with them while you are at the lodge. We recommend that you use a soft backpack or duffel bag - please avoid bringing hard suitcases as these are harder to load into the floatplane.

Items to bring:

  • Clothing for cool, wet weather and sunshine - it can change quickly, even within the same day. 

  • Warm clothes for the boat! ​​Don't forget:

    • A beanie/woollen hat/tuque

    • Gloves

    • Warm layers

    • You won't regret bringing a buff to keep your neck warm. 

  • Raincoat (there's a reason it’s called the Great Bear Rainforest!)

  • Warm and waterproof footwear.

  • Water bottle for trips on the boat.

  • Bathing suit for the sauna.

  • We have 100% natural soap and shampoo at the lodge but bring your toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant etc. Please note that we are a 'fragrance sensitive' lodge, for the bears and for the humans. 

  • Sunglasses & sunscreen

  • Some of our rooms have skylights and the nights can be light during the north coast summer - if you are sensitive to light, bring an eye mask for sleeping.

  • Your tidal waters fishing licence if you would like to fish off the dock.

  • Waterproof cover for your camera.

  • Your camera and phone chargers! 

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