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Our lodge was built to blend in with the wilderness and we like to live that way too:  

  • We use two sources of green energy to power the lodge - the sun and water.

  • We have solar panels mounted on both buildings that power the lodge during daylight hours.

  • The creek beside the lodge provides us with water for our micro hydro - a water wheel that is gravity fed and empties back into the ocean. The same creek is used for our drinking water, which goes through two filtration systems and is the freshest, cleanest water in the world. 

  • Our cleaning supplies and laundry detergents are all natural and derived from plant based sources. Our shampoos and soaps are from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company and are 100% natural and toxin free. 

  • We don't have any single use plastics at the lodge - no plastic water bottles, cutlery or cups. No plastic bags for us - our groceries arrive in cardboard boxes and we limit plastic packaging for our food as much as possible. We send all glass and cans to Prince Rupert to be recycled. 

  • We minimize our carbon footprint by running tours back to back so we never have an empty floatplane coming or going. 

  • We buy local BC wines and beer which limits the carbon footprint for their transportation. Our wine is from Hester Creek in the Okanagan and our beer comes from Sherwood Mountain in Terrace and Wheelhouse Brewing in Prince Rupert. 

  • Our coffee is roasted locally from fair trade coffee beans by White Goat Coffee in Terrace, BC.

  • We grow vegetables in our little garden at the lodge - kale, spinach, lettuce and radishes love the rain! 

Garden at Khutzeymateen Wilderness Lodge
Radishes in the Khutzeymateen Wilderness Lodge garden.
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