Jamie Hahn


Known as "Maverick" for his slick boat driving and his sunglasses, Jamie can often be found strumming a guitar on the dock. Good luck finding him in the winter - like the elusive snow leopard, he'll be in the mountains.
​Favourite bear: Big Ears

Megan Baker

Operations Manager/Guide


Is she a Megan or a mermaid? Kayak, paddleboard, zodiac...she's in or on the water. Megan has been in Canada a long time but listen closely and see if you can work out where she grew up - here's a tip: don't say Australia. 
Favourite bear: Boo

Rachel Hahn

Lodge Assistant


Our resident SUP expert, Rachel will do paddleboard handstands on demand. Little known fact: Rachel is a card shark who will win without taking her eyes off you. 
Favourite bear: Sedge


Khutzeymateen Wilderness Lodge


(250) 641 0957 

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